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We are an approved facility for WCB and if your claim is approved you do not have to pay any fees. Prana Physiotherapy and Rehab center has experience and expertise to treat different work related musculoskeletal injuries which happen due to repetitive strains or work related accidents. We are an approved facility or workers compensation board and clients with approved claims do not need to pay any money for full block of treatment which is usually about 6 weeks. For all WCB claims, clients need to bring the following information or documents

  1. A valid ICBC claim number
  2. Date of injury
  3. Personal health number (BC care card or services card)
  4. Doctors note for treatment

All clients who got injured at work and have an approved WCB claim can receive physiotherapy treatment for minimum of 6 weeks if claim is approved. Clients require doctors note. Physiotherapy treatment at Prana Physiotherapy is fully funded by WCB (we do direct billing) and clients do not pay any fees. For more information for WCB please see here.

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